Ch.Acadia Another Story, UD, NA, PT, VCX (Gracie)'s REAL work

I had emailed Penny to ask her a question about Show Low, and she mentioned that Gracie had been such a star this summer. I asked what Gracie did this summer that was so special- and this is what she said.

"Gracie is certified through Delta Society as a therapy dog. We regularly visit at Loyola Medical Center rehab floor, burn unit, pediatrics floor, and other hospitals and nursing homes. She helps with physical therapy at some hospitals, and also participates in children's reading programs at libraries and schools. Thanks to Cadie's breeding for exceptional temperament, she is a completely bomb proof and confident therapy dog, certified for any kind of situation, no matter how challenging. (Thanks Penny!- that is nice)

Summer of 2008 we were contacted by a school for special needs kids (they specialize in speech therapy, behavioral and social skills programs). They were looking for a therapy dog for an eight week program to work with a boy who was terrified of dogs. They needed a smaller dog who was not overwhelming. It involved playing with kids, going for walks and eating treats. Gracie said "sign me up"!

The teacher had devised a special program of desensitization - the first visit we had to sneak in a back door and stay in a separate room, the boy was too scared to be in the same room with a dog. By the end of the program, the boy was brushing, feeding and walking Gracie. She just waited for him to realize how wonderful she is! It was very rewarding for everyone involved."

Gracie is a daughter of Ch. Acadia Rock Solid x Ch. Zion Acadia Town Heroine, CDX, PT, VCX

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