Anticipation, Excitement, Disappointment

I remember a high school teacher once saying to me, "don't wish your life away." Funny what quotes we remember. This past week I was excited all week long. Chip needs one major to finish his championship. He minored out in July and then I spent lots of money on entry fees for shows that didn't get enough entries for a major. In August there was 1 major- and he won it! None of the shows he was entered in since August were majors.

Yesterday was finally a major. He had the opportunity to finish in this calendar year! This was not a two show weekend- there was only 1 show (Saturday) and oddly, the entry was enough for a major in both dogs and bitches.

I was excited all week long. I kept thinking about "the big day". I was anticipating the call to my sister to say, Chip is now a Champion!!! I knew that there would be 15 other males (it takes 16 males for a major) whose owners were feeling the same way I was- excited for the opportunity! I tried not to think too much about them because I wanted to remain focused.

I think it is VERY important to be excited and happy for who ever wins. We all work hard at this, we all have the same goals, and we all love our dogs. Still, I think that it is important to stay focused up until you need to be happy for someone else. Well, that time came yesterday for me and Chip. We were Reserve Winners Dog- 2nd best-not good enough to finish. I congratulated the winner, but still I felt disappointment. No new Championship for Chip this year. Bummer.

I think I would rather go back to the excitement, anticipation, hope, of last week- so I am looking forward to Christmas when my whole family will be together!

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