My Vision for this Country

President-Elect Obama has a website where we can all share our vision for what America can be. It asks the question, "Where should we start together?"

This is my vision--
My Vision for this County is one where ALL diversity is embraced. Cultural, social, and ideological diversity is allowed to co-exist. For our Country to remain truly diverse, special interest groups seeking to limit the rights of others must not be allowed to prevail.

For me, the Special Interest group, The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), is a real threat to my way of life. HSUS is seeking to limit animal ownership, use, breeding, consumption, and over-all, any life that involves animal-husbandry as its core. My dream was never to “Grow up to be the President”- but rather, to “grow up and raise animals”. I have been very fortunate that up until recently, this dream was not a stretch. Currently the special interest group, HSUS, is successfully promoting unreasonable limits on dog breeding, dog ownership, farming, and hunting. Groups such as this, which imposes their values onto others through laws, makes criminals out of many, otherwise good people. They must not be allowed to run (ruin) our Country.

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