What Breed of Dog should the Obama family get?

I big question for sure. Contrary to what many believe, there is no such thing as a Non-allergenic dog, but breeds of dogs that are single-coated have a decreased tendency to cause allergies and are often refered to as Hypoallergenic breeds. Of course poodles are the most popular, but my choice for the Obama family is the Portuguese Water Dog. These dogs are good with children, medium size, fun, obedient, loyal and protective. This family appears active (and intellegent) and the PWD is too. If the Obama family prefers to resuce a dog, they can still get a purbred. Breed clubs always have rescue and relocation programs for their breed. He can achieve the goal of geting a breed with known traits (such as hypoallergenic) and also provide a home to a dog in need.
My vote for 1st Dog- The Portuguese Water Dog

(and you all thought I was going to suggest a sheltie )

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