My Trip to Calif- Part 2

I had never met Quill's owner Amy, but I got the opportunity to do so a few weeks ago when I went out to San Jose, CA. to judge sweepstakes for the Northern California Shetland Sheepdog Club.
I was scheduled to judge on Saturday, and my friend Pam suggested that I come out for the whole weekend of dog shows. She picked me up at the airport on Thursday afternoon and we went right out to the show grounds. Pam works for ABBA Dogs who was in charge of 4 full days of agility trials. There were also 4 days of breed shows at the same location.

Pam thought I might like to sleep in a "real" bed and take a "real" shower, so she had pre-arranged for me to stay with Amy on Friday and Saturday nights. I first got to meet Amy at the agility trial on Friday. Of course we recognized each other right away. I really enjoyed having the opportunity to spend time with her (and Quill). Amy is lucky to have been able to keep her house because she has one acre in an area that is rapidly developing and most houses are on small "lots". She still has space to do some training, and enjoy her dogs.
Pam kindly let me run Valerie in agility on Friday, Sunday, and Monday. Saturday I was judging sweeps.

On Friday we had the standard course before the jumpers course. Valerie was WILD-needless to say we didn't Qualify (or Q). I got LOST in the jumpers course- so of course we didn't Q. Sadly, up to the point I got lost, Valerie was doing quite well. She had just completed a very speedy weave pole set. I had been so mesmerized by her perfect entrance, speed, and complete execution of all of the poles, that I lost focus on the course. I looked up following her exit from the poles, and had NO IDEA where we were going next- DARN.

Sunday I chickened out of running her in the standard course (it was the same judge whose jumpers course I had gotten lost on)- so Pam and I split her runs. Then Monday I had the MOST WONDERFUL jumpers run (except for the fact that she popped out at the last pole- so no Q), but it FLOWED, and it was FAST, and if FELT GOOD. Then her standard course was a wreck! Oh well. At least that dog is FUN.

Amy fared much better than I did in her attempts at the excellent level course. She qualified in her standard run that day.

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