National Spotlight is currently on dogs- lets promote responsible breeders

Forget about "What Breed should the Obama's get" for a moment. Lets focus on "where should the dog come from".

We have an opportunity- Lets not Waste it!

All eyes are on the issue of “where will President Elect Obama get the family dog”. This is a GREAT opportunity for all of us (yes, even HSUS) to plead our cases. Lets not WASTE IT.

Here is what I am doing, and I am encouraging you to do something similar.
1. Write to your CONGRESSMEN/WOMAN. These are the people who will be proposing new legislation to limit breeding. Tell them the following:
A. Buying from a breed specific “hobby” breeder provides lifelong support. Hobby breeders are interested in making sure the dogs they produce are loved and cared for. This means that when a purchaser has questions about care, behavior, needs, etc, they have a person to ask.
b. Buying a purebred dog from a “hobby” breeder means that you are more likely to be able to “see” the expected temperament, size, look, etc. of your dog. Most hobby breeders are selecting for certain traits that are greater than just “the resulting dog is such-and-such a breed”. We know that behavior is genetic. We know that certain characteristics are genetic and we select for these.
c. Remind them that Purebred Dog clubs sponsor RESCUE and relocation programs because we CARE about our breeds and we UNDERSTAND the physical and behavioral characteristics of these breeds. If someone is interested in “providing a home for a dog in need” they can still get a purebred.

2. Once you have written your thoughts down in a logical manner that you are going to send to your Congressmen/women- then POST them ON LINE.
a. This is a GREAT way to increase your audience.
b. Add it to a facebook page, a blog, a website, anything to get the information OUT THERE.

We need to work EXTRA hard to promote ourselves as people who LOVE DOGS and CARE about the puppies we produce. HSUS is targeting “breeders” and proposing anti-dog legislation right and left.

With the national spotlight on the President-elect’s choice for a dog- LETS WORK HARD to get a positive message out there. Once he has made his choice- our opportunity has been reduced (but not lost).

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