"Puppy Check-In"

I have had a very good week with a number of "puppy check-ins" as I sometimes refer to them. I LOVE to hear from "the puppies". Here are bits of some of the messages sent. Anything in italics is a comment from me.

From Deb about Belle
"Belle is as close to perfect as a dog can be…
We absolutely love her…
She is sweet and kind to everyone.
She hangs out with us and sleeps on or near the bed.
She loves to play and she loves to get pets.

She is a princess at bath time and has never offered to chew anything…. (Cameron- did you read that? )
The only time she has ever growled was at a campaign worker for Barack Obama when he came to the door.
He was actually afraid of her.
We decided she was clearly a republican! (Well she did spend a summer in Alaska)
The girls are planning to start Canine Good Citizen and then Therapy Dog training with Belle in January. The local hospital has a pet visitation program and she and the girls will do that when she has her certification. I am sure that will be a slam dunk. My cousin is confined to a wheelchair and has cerebral palsy, she can only make sounds and swing her hands.
Belle went to her and sat next to her wheelchair and let her pet/thump her (not hard) on the head. She never moved away from the wheelchair.
We can’t thank you enough for sharing this wonderful dog with us.

From Cindy about Briar Rose
I think I may have told you I lost the man I was dating to cancer ........
I just cannot tell you what it means to have her here. I had taken a photo of Bob (my friend) and Susie (Cindy's 1st sheltie) right before she was put down in April. I had given a copy of that photo to Bob's brother who used the face portion to put in the obituary when Bob died. I looked at it the other day & could not believe I lost two treasured friends within months of each other. It just doesn't seem possible. Then.....I look at the beautiful little girl that gives me the look of adoration and my heart just takes a leap......it's almost like God knew I would need her. In fact, in a card a neighbor gave me she wrote "I think God sent you Briar Rose as a blessing...." She's right!! He did!!!!
Take care......know that this little bundle is hugged & kissed so much!!!! I can't get enough of her!!!
Thanks again for letting me adopt her.......she is my heartbeat!!!!!

Sometimes the messages are not so sweet.
This was sent from Pat about Cameron
Hope you are enjoying the beautiful Fall weather. I just love this time of year...pumpkins and falling leaves and just all the beautiful colors. Still warm enough to be outside, too. Need to ask you about a problem with chewing we are having with Cameron. He is fascinated with our couch and has destroyed one pillow and chewed the skirt on it several times. No amount of Bitter Apple or Bitter Cherry or telling him "no" seems to work. ..............

Pat and I emailed back and forth a number of times discussing Cameron's chewing behavior. As I told Pat- often chewing is about the inherited behaviors of chewing and which behavior is being satisfied. Anyway- here is a message Pat sent today.

He has been happily playing with a cardboard box all day yesterday and part of today. Thanks again for all your diligent help.

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