Friends Helen and Spice at the herding trial

My friend Helen Smith and her Samoyed, Spice, went to the herding test this past weekend too. The herding trial/ test was in Bangor, PA at a farm called Raspberry Ridge. Helen was entered with Spice (pictured) in the herding tested class and I was entered with Rincon in the Pre-trial class and Rocky in the Herding Tested class. I already mentioned that Rincon completed the PT title, but both Spice and Rocky got one leg (out of the required two) for the HT title. Spice comes to our farm to train and it was really nice to have someone there to share the experience. We both look forward to more herding to come for Spice and Rocky. One of Helen's goals is to complete the HT title and be ready for the PT title in time to compete in the Samoyed national specialty herding test. I know she and Spice can do it.

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