Acadia Sweet Home Arizona

This is Rincon waiting for me to throw the ball. He is named after one of the Mountain ranges that borders the city of Tucson, AZ. The Rincon Mts. are the eastern edge of the city and are not quite as well known as the Catalina Mts which defines the north-eastern edge of Tucson. These two Mt. ranges are separated by Reddington Pass, but many visitors to the city see them as one mountain range.

Rincon got his name because his father's name is Dundee Arizona and his mother is Acadia Sweet Necessity, RN, HT. Mike and I lived in Arizona for 8 years and enjoyed our time there, and enjoyed hiking in both the Rincons and the Catalinas. Both Rincon's call name and AKC registered name reflect the feelings of our time in Arizona.

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