Thanks Luann (and Lizzy!)

In additon to the funny things Luann had to say about her girls, she also said this, " As much as Eve is a wonderful breath of fresh air...Lizzy has been unbelievable! I totally adore Lizzy. She will do anything for me. We're still doing clicker training and our regular trainer went away for dog shows so we had somebody come in and teach us introductory dog dancing. Lizzy (of course) was the STAR of the class!!! She's my girl and she knows it! She'll do anything for me! She is a magical dog. She even makes me look good!
Cadie, thanks for encouraging people to go further on behalf of the shelties we love!!!
Did I tell you how much my I love my girl...she's the best! "

As I have said before, when you train your dogs, you can truely make them your "best friends". That is what I want for all Acadia Shelties! Thanks.

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