A plea to donate to groups fighting anti-dog breeding legislation

The Importance of Home Breeding of Dogs found on the Pet Law website http://www.pet-law.com/future/home_breeding.html is a good article that I recommend reading.

I am very concerned about the laws that are being proposed around the country. All of my life I have wanted to live with dogs, show dogs, love dogs, and yes- breed dogs. I don't think it is a crime. I am not a hoarder of dogs, and I want all Acadia dogs to be loved and spoiled. People like me have to face tough choices such as, do I keep this adult dog, or look for a loving home. Many people tell me they couldn't make that decision. I respect that and understand that breeding dogs is not for everyone.

If this is your first time visiting my blog, I hope my love of dogs speaks loud and clear. If you are one of those who checks in from time to time, then you too love dogs (at least shelties ). I urge you to join in the effort to prevent unreasonable dog laws from being passed around the country.

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