Canyon's puppies have strong herding instinct too

Acadia On My Mind "Canyon" has only sired 2 litters of puppies so far, but puppies from both litters have been instinct tested and here are the results:

Jean had this to say about Acadia Shock N'Awe (Jazz) "I also had him instinct tested for herding which he passed with flying colors. The trainer said he was a very unusual sheltie in the amount of focus he exhibited in the pen."

Morene had this to say about Acadia's Micoburst (Mike) "Sue and I finally got around to instinct testing Mike to today... AND, the boy has plenty of instinct!!! "

Jazz turned a year old Dec. 24 and Mike is only 6 1/2 months old.
Canyon himself has quite a bit of drive, desire, and instinct. The question now is going to be...... will Cadie train him?

SquirrelGurl  – (January 14, 2009 at 8:39:00 AM PST)  

I've always wanted to have my sheltie instinct tested, but never was sure where to do it and does there ever come a time when its too late to test? I would like to think not, but was just curious...

Acadia Shelties  – (January 14, 2009 at 9:38:00 AM PST)  

You can “instinct” test a dog at any age. It is very common for dogs that have never been around livestock to seem a bit overwhelmed at first and for this reason it might appear that they are not interested in the sheep. Farms can be an assault to the senses and if a dog has never experienced the sounds, smells, sights, and taste (yes, - generally of poop!)- they might seem more interested in that at first. If that is the case, take the dog to the farm a few times before doing a second instinct test. Also, watching a dog that is herding often times gets a dog interested and focused.
You are right- the hardest part is finding a person who understands loose eyed breeds and is willing to do an instinct test.

SquirrelGurl  – (January 14, 2009 at 11:37:00 AM PST)  

Hmm... well we've got the first part covered! My parent's manage a farm and Storm spends a ton of time there so we've got that part covered...

Now we just gotta find someone who will let us test...

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