Acadia Shock N' Awe's early herding lessons

Jean sent this picture of "Jazz" herding. Before I report what Jean had to say, I want to comment that I was very impressed to see a young herding sheltie with his mouth closed (so he is not barking, or biting) and he is on the outside of this young goat (kid) so clearly he is getting this kid back to the flock of goats- who are standing calmly. Jazz has only had a few exposures to herding, but based on this picture, he has talent and is not upsetting to the stock.

But here is what Jean had to say, "Here is a photo of Jazz performing his new favorite activity (well, outside of the teeter totter in agility....). The trainer says he is "keen" and her face lights up when she says it so it must be a good thing...."

Yes, it is a good thing!

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