Cadie's soapbox-

I have two "articles" on the blog Dog Laws At Large. The first one I wrote, Abandonment is Not Just a Dog and Cat Issue, as a result of the Nebraska "safe haven law" that gave parents the option of dropping children off at a hospital with out being prosecuted.
The second "article" was posted yesterday. It is called, An "Overpopulation" Problem? Maybe, but not with Dogs. I am a wildlife biologist by training and profession, and "over population" has a "real" meaning. I get very tired of hearing the AR groups state, "there is an overpopulation problem" when it comes to pets. So I did some research and wrote about it (this really is a tongue-in-cheek look at populations, but with numbers to back it up).

I thought that both of those were more appropriate for that blog, but I hope that you will check them out.

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