The Agility Ribbons were Blue!!! And New Titles Too!

Heidi emailed to say that Piper- in only her third agility jumpers run- took first place with a clean run to complete her Novice Agility Jumper's Title. She followed that up the next day with a First Place for her first leg in Open Jumper's!!!! She is now..

Acadia One Special Puppy, NAJ

Heidi follows up by saying, "She (Piper) is a blast to run and so much fun. We went to a brand new venue this weekend and she walked in as if she owned the place. I never had a dog who was so comfortable in her surroundings. It was a long day yesterday and she ended up sprawled out, asleep on someone else's tarp. ASLEEP!!! Who can sleep at a dog trial!!! Love, love, love this dog. Will continue to keep you updated!"

Thank you Heidi! Piper is the littermate to Dove and Canyon.

Morene emailed to report that WIT and Mike also completed a few new agility titles, they are now

Acadia Whatever It Takes, HXAds, AX, *AXJ*
Acadia's Microburst, *NA*, *NAJ*

I am so proud of all of you guys- THANK YOU!!

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