Xena at 10 weeks 2 days- one of the cute tri puppies

This is the Cutest video of the female puppy from the Rincon x Faith puppy litter. She is in an agility home in Texas. Thank you Linda for sending this video. Linda has put a few really, really cute videos of Xena learning tricks, playing and doing agility on YouTube .

Acadia Shelties  – (May 4, 2010 at 7:29:00 PM PDT)  

Thank you for following the links to see the videos. In two different posts I was able to figure out how to put the video in the post- but for some reason I couldn't figure it out this time. I don't know if YouTube or Blogger changed what they allowed, or if it was my inablities- but anyway- thanks for following the links. Each link is to a different video.

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