When everything feels like gambling

We didn’t win the anything in the Powerball, but I knew that money was spent gambling.  These past few weeks the stock market has been falling, but we know that investing is a gamble.  Mason is at shows in Florida this weekend competing to win that last major for his championship, and sometime dogs shows just feel like gambling.  Cassia was bred and had a litter of 1 in December and Claire was bred and is due now.  She is not pregnant.  Liza was just bred this week and wow, now breeding just feels like gambling.

There are always methods and ways to increase the odds, but at the moment I am just feeling beaten.  If I had all of the money I am spending on the gamble, I would be ahead, but it is not just about money.  All of these risks that we take- all of the gambling is really about hope and excitement.  It is really about the excitement of the future; about the possibilities of what is to come.  

I think I have done everything I could to increase the odds that Liza has conceived.  I think I am doing what I can to increase the odds that Mason will finish this month.  I think I am doing what I can to increase the odds that Cassia’s single puppy will be a future star- but time will tell.  For all of it (especially the money parts), I have heard it’s better to be lucky than good. 

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