Did you buy a ticket?

It's all the talk- the record PowerBall prize. Yesterday it was $800million and I heard that today it is over that.  The drawing is tonight.

A few years ago my friend Ellen and I drove to Florida in December to show at Eukanuba.  On the way home, I found out the PowerBall prize was some huge amount.  I bought a ticket when we stopped to get gas in Georgia.  Ellen and I spent hours on our drive home talking about what we would do if it was a winning ticket.  We had a great time- and I felt that fun was well worth $2.00. Someone did win and when I heard, "the winning ticket was sold in Georgia" I didn't want to hear any more.  I knew I didn't win, but, I had bought a ticket in GEORGIA and that was as close as I had gotten.

I bought a ticket for this drawing.  I know I won't win, but I have enjoyed listening to everyone talk about what they would do if they won, and I have enjoyed the excitement and anticipation.  I think it is worth the price of a ticket.

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