Welcome 2016!

I hope that for everyone reading this that 2016 is a Happy, Prosperous and Successful year.   I see that it has been a few years since I have done a year in review.  That is too bad because these past few years have been very successful if success is measured in wins and accolades.  This year Liza reached 100 Best of Breeds, which earns her a Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Shetland Sheepdog Association (ASSA).    That is an achievement I had never dreamed I would reach.  Liza made it easy- and a lot of fun. 

2015 was not quite as successful if measured in puppies.  It was an expensive and disappointing year as each breeding brings anticipation, excitement, and hopes and dreams of the future, and is expensive.  Despite the small litters and misses, we did end up with two boys, Porter and Staten, and two girls, Cheer and Desi, that we are excited about.  I sure hope that 2016 has more puppies for us to share and be excited about.   

Puppies always bring a smile, so I will fill the new year’s 1st post with puppies. 

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