Sisters Teagan and Joy had a successful January and a New *CD*

The "sisters" are both owned by Amys- and in January, they both had success, but on opposite sides of the country.
Teagan= Acadia Teagan Rose (pictured)

Dr. Amy (Maryland) wrote: "Teagan had an awesome day at the Oriole Dog Training Club's AKC agility trial at the Maryland State Fairgrounds yesterday! She was only entered in Jumpers (still needs some work on her A-Frame contacts before she's ready for Standard), but she rocked the course--1st Q, 1st clean run, and 1st place in the Novice B JWW 12" class! In fact, her course time was a blazing fast 23 seconds (I blinked and it was over!), but Standard Course Time was 43 seconds. This trial is held in conjunction with a huge pet expo, so there are lots of spectators and lots of noise and distractions--it's known to be a challenging venue for the dogs. The weave poles on Teagan's novice course were practically right up against the gate/bleachers where many spectators gather to watch. Teagan nailed them, no problem."

Meanwhile, in California, Amy and Acadia Essence of Joy, RAE, *CD* (aka Joy)said:
"Joy had a good weekend on January 18th and the 19th. San Mateo DTC AM trial Joy took 4th place (20 competing) lst and 2nd were taken by the two high scoring handlers that always do well and goes onto taking high in trials. The PM trial San Francisco DTC Joy came in 3rd. lst and 2nd were the same two that took earlier . These two legs were for Joy's Novice title. The next day Sunday at the Santa Clara DTC's Open A trial - Joy took first with 194 - 1/2 out of the 22 competing. There were only three of us that qualified. I have her entered at the Santa Clara KC trial on Feb. 15th going for her 2nd Open leg. We are working on her articles (Utility training). Joy is a joy to train. Hope to have another good news soon. By the way Joy came in lst for her lst leg in Novice. That was sometime ago. "

These two successful girls are Cassia daughters.

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