Acadia's Perpetual Motion, AX,AXJ,NF- an aspiring Champion

This past week I have been watching the Olympics.  Proctor and Gamble is running the an ad,
"Before the world saw them as Olympians, Mom saw their potential. This winter, as we celebrate the world's Olympic athletes, let's not forget the person whose encouragement got them there. Mom. “

And so it is with our canine athletes as well.

I got this message from Janet (mom) about Robbie:

“From the time I brought him home (it's hard to believe it's been over 2 years!), he has been a fearless bundle of attitude, game for anything. He's smart, eager, and always happy. He loves everyone and everything. He is also a snuggle bug - when he settles down, he's either on my feet or in my lap in the chair. If the cat happens to be in my lap and Robbie wants that spot, he just jumps up and lays on top of her - she moves out and he settles in.

 Robbie's agility career is going well. His first trial was one year ago (Feb 1-3, 2013 - he wasn't quite ready), and the last weekend in October, Robbie completed both his AX and AXJ titles and earned his first 15 MACH points. He currently has 3 legs each toward MX and MXJ, and we had our first Double Q February 1st, exactly 1 year from his first trial.”

I am inclined to end her message right there, but alas she goes on to say,

“I've had trouble staying patient while he grows up! He learns quickly, but has a mind of his own (his primary nickname is "brat"). During his early days of competition, he was as likely to go under jumps as over them, and he loves to fly off the A-frame and dogwalk (perfect two-on/two off contacts at practice, but will launch off during competition and hit the ground running.) We had a long stretch of "perfect runs except for incomplete weave poles" - he didn't want to slow down enough to do them! He has now figured out that he gets to move on to the "fun part" more quickly if he just does them. He's beginning to settle in and become a bit more reliable, and I am thrilled with him!

Thank you for providing me with this goofy, sassy, motivated boy! He's lots of fun (when I'm not ready to wring his bratty little neck!) and I expect, with a bit more maturity, that he will go far!”

And then Janet, when Robbie is finally completing in the Agility Nationals, the world will see Robbie as the Agility Champion you know he can be.

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