New Years' Resolutions

Resolutions often begin, “this year I am going to….” No wonder they fail. People are always, “going to”. Last week I was thinking about what it was I wanted to change, accomplish, focus on, for the coming year, and then I thought about what Actions would it take to be successful. Taking the focus off what we “want to” and putting the focus on the action that is needed for achievement is powerful. Each time we act we are successful just for taking the action- step by step we get to success. Today, January 1, 2014, I “did”. I didn’t get all of the actions done that I had planned, as will life, I got “derailed” a few times. I did manage to get back on track and I found that I was much happier with what I did do. I was much more focused on how what I “did” relates to what I hope to accomplish. I think I am a glass half full person anyway, but today I felt even MORE positive about what I accomplished just knowing that I had indeed started”. Focusing on each task gives us the ability to see the task more clearly and even make improvisations if needed. Tomorrow I will continue to take action and maybe this time next year I will be writing about all of the great things I changed and accomplished. P.S. I wanted to add pictures to this post- and I have made several attempts, but I am giving up now. Sorry- no pictures. I can't get the post to format the paragraphs either. I sure hope that in 2014 Blogger reverts to the User-Friendly format it had when it first started.

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