I am SO FRUSTRATED with GOOGLE!!!! As you can see, there have been NO PICTURES in my last few posts- and NO PARAGRAPHS!! Not because I don't want you to see the pictures that add interest to the story, or because I forgot how to write, but because what ever changes GOOGLE made to BLOGGER has made this MUCH more DIFFICULT and FUSTRATING!!! I have been "sending feedback" to Google, but I get an automatic message saying they can't reply to all the feedback they get. HEY GOOGLE!! IF YOU ARE GETTING SO MUCH FEEDBACK THAT YOU CAN'T REPLY- YOU ARE DOING SOMETHING WRONG!! I just started a new paragraph- can you tell? No, because this sentence is directly behind the last sentence! No one is going to read a bunch of unformatted, run-on paragraphs. I am going to end this paragraph now and start a new one. Pictures- as you can see, the last picture that I was able to upload is SIDEWAYS. In the "old days" of Blogger, formatting pictures was EASY!!! Now, it is DIFFICULT and I can't remember how to do it without going back to a post I wrote a while ago when Helen posted a comment with instructions on how to reformat the picture. WHY do I have to go look for INSTRUCTIONs when I should be able to right-mouse click and click on ROTATE!!! It was THAT EASY BEFORE (on blogger)!! Not only can I no longer format the pictures- I can't even UPLOAD the pictures from my computer now. These last THREE posts I have attempted to add pictures- BUT ARE THEY THERE!!! NO!!! (new paragraph) GOOGLE!!!! Are you really trying to make people's lives more FRUSTRATING???? I have been using your Blogger program since 2006- This blog and its contents are IMPORTANT to me!!! I have been so FRUSTRATED with you that I don't even want to use your product anymore. (new paragraph) Why did you "FIX" what wasn't "BROKEN"? I choose your product (over Wordpress and other blog formats) because you were USER FRIENDLY and I could write a post and put on pictures QUICKLY and EASILY!!! NOT ANYMORE! NOW it is BROKEN!!! Please FIX IT!

Acadia Shelties  – (January 18, 2014 at 7:10:00 AM PST)  

I "sent feedback" again today, and this is the message they send back. "We value every piece of feedback we receive. We cannot respond individually to every one, but we will use your comments as we strive to improve your Google experience."
IMPROVE the experience? It was GREAT before!!! CHANGE IT BACK!!!

Mackland  – (January 29, 2014 at 1:13:00 AM PST)  

I had the same, Cadie. Very frustrating....
How I solved it, I installed Google Chrome and blogged through there and it worked!
Hope this helps

Acadia Shelties  – (February 3, 2014 at 9:30:00 AM PST)  

So it seems that I can not continue blogging from my home computer, unless I "give in" Google and install another of their products? I don't like to be "held hostage" by a company.

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