"Welcome Home, Cadie"

Last Thursday I had the honor to judge sweepstakes at the LAST specialty show the Shetland Sheepdog Club of Greater Tucson was hosting.  This club has been in existence for 40 years, but for the last two it has been struggling and decided to end.

I was the President of this club back in the ‘90’s and we had great shows, fun meetings, and we even hosted the ASSA National in 1998- for which I was the Local Show Chair.  We hosted 2 specialties a year in conjunction with the Phoenix sheltie club.  Mike and I would bring chicken to barbeque and club members and show attendants would bring side dishes, and after the show we would have a dinner in the park.  I always loved that because the dogs could be taken care of, yet the people could socialize and enjoy each other and a meal.   I always loved those shows. 

Back then we had good entry numbers and the shows were always majors.  People would come from as far as Oregon, California, Nevada, and New Mexico to attend.  Over the years not as many people took the trip to Arizona and the entries went down.   This year the entry was not enough for a major. 

When the club decided to do one last “hurrah” they invited me to come back to judge sweeps.  I was SO excited.  When I got here, it said, “Welcome Home Cadie” in the catalog.  That was very sweet.   I sorry this club is folding, but I am happy to have been a part of it.

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