Genetics are a mystery: Acadia Italian Ice, aka. "Bianca"

As a “reputable breeder” I would like to think that every one of my dogs is, and will produce, “Perfect” puppies. Genetics are a mystery in many, many ways and we know that even in the best of families genetic “flaws” appear. No matter how hard someone may try, no living being is an “engineered” product. Most people who are willing to take a “less than perfect” dog look to shelters or breed rescues, because that is where most dogs with “issues” end up. That is not the case for me. I have produced my share of dogs with “issues” and I am devoted to the dogs I produce. I keep all the dogs I produce until I have found the right home for them- no exceptions. I have been very lucky to have found WONDERFUL homes for each of them so far. It takes a special person to decide to take a dog with a disability and this weekend Bianca met her new person.

Bianca is deaf. The man, Dave, who purchased her says that “Deaf people (and dogs) can do everything except hear”- and he is right. Bianca is a “normal” dog- and in many respects, even healthier than many dogs that are without disability, because she was raised to be confident and well-adjusted. The only “special needs” Bianca has is a fenced yard to insure her safety. Because Bianca cannot hear someone calling her, most people whom I discussed her with said they would be afraid that she would get out, and get lost. I did fear that I had “lost” her one time, but I also knew (or expected- although I was beginning to wonder) that she was in the fenced yard. I did start to worry as I went about the yard looking for her, only to find her curled up under a bush, fast asleep.

One of the aspects of having a deaf sheltie that I enjoyed the most was her complete lack of “sound sensitivity” that can plague this breed. Bianca never reacted to the vacuum cleaner, never reacted to the doorbell, never got upset during thunderstorms….. obviously, if it was something that dogs react to that involved sound- it didn’t affect Bianca. I must say, that was very nice.
I am very excited for both Bianca and for Dave as they begin their new life together. I know that they will be great company for each other. I know that Bianca will enjoy being the center of Dave’s attention, and I am so thankful that there are people who are willing to accept a “less than perfect” dog into their lives.

Anonymous –   – (November 12, 2012 at 4:03:00 AM PST)  

Bianca and I are doing Wonderful!! She is a happy and high spirited girl. She has full run of house and spoiled rotten. Has me wrapped around her lil dew claw already. :)))) For people who only want a hearing dog, you don't know what you missed with Bianca. thanks for that. I love her. :) Never know she was Deaf to see her.

Pippa Sheltie  – (November 12, 2012 at 6:48:00 AM PST)  

That is one stunning dog.

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