New *OA, OAJ* for Acadia's Microburst- and new *O-OAC, O-OCC , O-HP-O, S-OJC and O-TN-E for Acadia Rumor Has It.

Acadia's Microburst *OA, OAJ*- "Mike" won first place at the ASSA National in Tucson in both Novice standard and Novice Jumpers, and this weekend he completed both open titles (in AKC competition). Congratulations to him and his owner/trainer/handler, Morene Brown.

Acadia Rumor Has It- "Rumor" completed 5 new NADAC agility titles recently- he completed the Outsanding Open Regular (O-OAC), Chances (O-OCC) and Hoopers (O-HP-O). He also completed his Superior Open Jumpers (S-OJC) and Outstanding Elite Tunnelers (O-TN-E).

Not to be out done by these young guys....

NATCH3/ V-NATCH3 Acadia Rally Around The Flag - "Rally" completed his Outstanding Open Hoopers (O-HP-O) and is still working towards his NATCH4 and the Versatility NATCH4.

Rumor and Rally are loved, owned, trained, and handled by Phyllis Sanders.

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