U-Ch. Linden Acadia's Stacked Deck, CD, HS, HRD1, HTAD1

As reported directly from Penny.
Couldn’t get much better than this - we finished two AHBA herding titles last weekend!
Most exciting was the HRD1 - Ranch Dog title. I've always dreamed of being successful at this type of course, and Show Low is definitely the dog to do it with. The 23 minute course involved taking sheep in and out of multiple gates, panels, a foot bath, a gate sort, a number of different types of gathers. He was absolutely awesome, calming holding up "his end of the bargain" with very little direction from me. He looked so - well, so - TRAINED!!
Also finished the HTAD1 title, which involved a free standing pen and a hold. The tricky part here was the pen and the hold area were just a few feet from the exhaust/barn gate! We actually got all five sheep in the pen!!!!!
A lot of people at these events are "real" farm/livestock owners, so I am extra excited to report that me and my suburbanite sheltie were so successful

So Penny, where is the video? (OK- pictures will do)

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