MACH3 Acadia Color of Passion, HSAs- earns Reserve High in Trial (herding) on ducks

"Molly" earned her first TWO Herding Started legs on ducks going Reserve High In Trial BOTH days! Molly is pictured herding sheep in an earlier blog entry and pictured herding ducks on the "fun pictures" page of the website . Pam reports that flapping ducks gets Molly very excited, but that these ducks did not flap- enabling Molly to concentrate on her work and get the job done! One more leg will give Molly the HSAd (Herding Started, A course, ducks) title.
This same weekend "Molly" got to participate in a herding demonstration. She actually had to go into a pond and SWIM to bring the ducks back to shore. This sort of "down and dirty" work is exactly what "Molly" thrives on.

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