Thanksgiving- the Fun, Yummy, and Dangers

Turkey Carcass - Dangerous!

Turkey broth (strain out the fatty skin)- Yum!
Thanksgiving always makes our house smell SO GOOD.  I love a house full of friends and family, good food, laughter and games. Mike and I host Thanksgiving and it is my favorite holiday. 

The dogs love Thanksgiving too.   They love the added attention from the guests and the promise of good food. Guests and good food. Both of those positive can also be dangerous and keeping an eye on pets, or having a plan will ensure a safe and happy day that everyone can be Thankful for when it is over.

More often than not guest are not as "door aware" as I am- or as I think they should be when visiting a house full of pets.  It always amazes me how many guests will leave a door open- or, just as bad, open it WIDE when they come in.  Pets see these open doors as invitations to come in, or go out.

It's not just dogs that are at risk of "door darting"- many people have cats too that might be indoor only cats.  Whenever we have guests, door management is "a thing".   Who wants to be searching for the escaped pet instead of celebrating?  No one.

Yummy Food!!  Thanksgiving promises a delicious meal that everyone wants to partake in.  If you eat in a room that is separate from the kitchen and the kitchen is not visible while you eat- put the pets in crates, outside, or someplace where you do not have to worry about who is attempting to get the food besides the guests. Dogs and cats should NEVER get the cooked bones from the Turkey.  Managing the trash is IMPORTANT.  If you put the turkey carcass in the trash, make sure it is in a Secure trash can.  If you have cats, or dogs that can reach the counter, don't leave it sitting out where they can reach it. 

Of course I love to share the good food with the dogs, and a safe way to do it is to make Turkey stock and poor it over their food.  I usually boil the entire carcass with seasonings, carrots and celery just to make homemade stock for soups and cooking the rest of the year anyway.   The night of Thanksgiving I boil up some of the skin and other parts to give to the dogs.  I strain out the skin and will add some of the meat- usually the leg meat since no one here seems to favor that.  I want them to have flavor, but not too much fat. 

Holidays are fun- but keeping the pets safe takes some thought.   Happy Thanksgiving!

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