A testimonial for Post # 500

I have to give props to Ivy's wonderful breeder, Cadie Pruss, who I just learned will be relocating with her husband, Mike, to Idaho. I spent two unforgettably pleasant afternoons on the Prusses' beautiful sheep farm in central Pennsylvania, as idyllic a setting as I've ever experienced. Those visits were also memorable for my having been surrounded by a group of the most affectionate and well-loved dogs imaginable, a testament not only to Cadie's breeding skills but to her own generosity and kindness. Those qualities are evident in this photo from her blog of her with four of her champions, Liza, Cassia, Dove (Ivy's great-grandmother), and Genna. I'm willing to bet that getting four Shelties to smile simultaneously is something only Cadie could have pulled off.

Anonymous –   – (December 18, 2016 at 3:18:00 PM PST)  

I am FOREVER thankful to you for allowing me to "adopt", Briar Rose, Dove's sister. She definitely healed my broken heart after losing my boyfriend, Bob, and my mom. I wish you and Mike all the best and hope to continue to see your blog updates. God Bless!! Cindy Rose and Briar Rose (woof)

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