Up 'n comers- Porter, Staten, Desi

Acadia Wyndstorm Desert Sea   aka- Desi

Acadia Sea Porter   aka- Porter

Acadia State of Mind-   aka- Staten
I am very excited about these littermates.  Porter won points at the 1st shows in which he was entered.  Staten and Desi were not so lucky, but they both did great and had a good experience.  They are just 6 months old which is the earliest age they can be shown.  It is important for puppies to have fun and all positive experiences so that they enjoy shows later.   Puppies experience growth stages just like children do.  Sometime around 7 months (all) puppies experience a second "fear period" and it is important to recognize this stage and avoid any new and scary experiences.  If puppies experience something they consider "traumatic" during this stage it will be an issue for the rest of their lives.  We have not yet entered that phase and they had fun.  Now we will stay in our regular routine until they are more mature.

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