Acadia Sweet Emotion, PT, AX, AXJ, NF 2/14/1998- 5/15/2014

Valerie was unique and fun and has been one of my favorites forever.  Valerie was born when we lived in Arizona and she and I started learning agility when it was a new AKC sport.  Valerie LOVED agility.  She also loved walks in the desert, hunting for small mammals (and EATING them when she caught them).
After we had moved to Pennsylvania, Valerie enjoyed chasing squirrels, and one time she actually caught one by the tail at the moment the squirrel was leaping onto a tree.  There is this poor squirrel hanging by it's front feet onto the tree, and Valerie holding it all stretched out by the tail.  I yelled, and Valerie let the squirrel go.   I was just amazed at her speed and abilities. 
My friend, Pam, had Valerie's sister Molly and was doing agility with her. Pam and I attended a full week agility camp together.  I had so much fun spending the week with the two sisters (and of course Pam!).  Valerie was in heaven.  I felt she was such great partner.  Unfortunately, I stopped doing agility.  I called Pam and asked if she would take Valerie "for a summer" to do agility.   You know how that goes, Valerie never left. 
Crazy Val never saw any point at all for hitting those contacts  and Pam had to retire her years ago for fear she would injure herself with her "no respect for her own safety" antics.
There are soooo many more "Valerie stories".  She was truly a great dog.  I have a picture of her at the top of my stairs, and I love to look at her every day. 

 Valerie has led the life of leisure with her sister Molly  (on the left) and was the main soccer playing buddy for Quest for years. But yesterday, at age 16 Valerie crossed the bridge during her nap at her favorite sunny spot on the patio. Pam and I will miss her but I am happy she left on her terms and in such a peaceful way.
Valerie is the mother of HC Acadia Whatever It Takes, HXAsd, AX, AXJ and the daughter of Ch. Zion Acadia Town Heroine, CDX, PT, VCX

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