Gone Too Soon: Nicky 6/14/2002- 3/17/2012

C-ATCH Acadia Cierra Like A Rock, RN,HT,HCT-s,NA,AXJ,NF,CGC,TDI,VC

12 pts. 1 major- almost a CH.VCX and the greatest "heart" dog of all times, there will never be another "Nicky".

Nicky was owned and loved, and loved, and LOVED by Chet and Merrylee Malanowski. Chet Loved Nicky more than any other dog they have ever had. I got to share 2 summers with Nicky, which Chet reluctantly agreed to, but complained that he missed, "his Nicky. I loved how much Chet loved Nicky. Chet took Nicky EVERYWHERE with him. I could not have asked for any more love and admiration for one of my dogs. Thank you Chet and Merrylee for the life you gave him. I am SO SORRY it was too short. My heart aches for you. Although you are miles and miles and miles away, I hope you feel my heartfelt hug and shared tears.

He is gone WAY TO SOON!! He will leaves behind a crater in Chet and Merrylee's heart, sadness and loss in mine, and a sense of loss greater than

Anonymous –   – (March 22, 2012 at 3:34:00 PM PDT)  

I am so sorry to hear about your loss of Nicky. He was indeed a very special dog, and I'm sure he is very deeply missed by all who knew and loved him. I hope that, in time, you are able to take some comfort from all of the wonderful memories I am sure you have of him.

Amy Scheiner & Rory (Nicky's littermate brother)

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