Acadia Whatever It Takes, HXAsd, AX, AXJ wins ANOTHER Major and ANOTHER 1st Place win towards the Herding Championship

WIT is now just 3 points away from being a Herding Champion (HC). WIT has continued to amaze me with his consistent and steady herding. This dog is not just good, he is GREAT. Since he only goes to one or two trials a year, it is taking a while to get the championship, but when he gets to the trial, he makes the most of it. This is one sheltie that has not had to worry about meeting the requirements (a major and a 1st place win)- he has done that over and over. His next trial is not until Feburary- and then I hope to report a new champion!

Congratulations to his owner Morene Brown and Trainer Sue Bradley
(The Ribbons are from the ASSA National Herding Trail in Tucson when WIT was High In Trial- Sheep and Reserve High In Trial-ducks)

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