Acadia's One Very Special Puppy, OAP, AJP

OAP= Open Agility Preferred
AJP= Excellent Agility Jumpers with Weaves"A" preferred

Piper is a littermate to Dove. Heidi had another sheltie named Zoe when she got Piper as a puppy.
This news came from Heidi in July, but I wanted pictures too. So here is what Heidi had to say about Piper (her "doggy extraordinaire!!)

"Who Knew? I started agility as a means to help Zoe overcome her shyness. I had no expectations but to have fun and her success motivated me to attempt an excellent jumpers title. Enter Piper. It was natural to throw her into the agility ring and again i thought it would be nice to see if we could get a Preferred Excellent Standard Title and a Preferred Excellent Jumpers w/ Weaves title. Apparently she had other ideas. So far this year:

March: 1st Place- Novice Standard (2nd Leg) 2nd Place- Novice Standard (3rd Leg- Novice Title)

April: 1st Place- Open Standard (1st Leg) 2nd Place- Open Standard (2nd Leg)
1st place- Excellent Jumpers (1st Leg) 1st Place- Excellent Jumpers (2nd Leg)

May: 2nd Place- Open Standard (3rd Leg- Open Title)
2nd Place- Excellent Jumpers (3rd Leg- Excellent Jumpers Title)

July: 1st Place- Excellent Standard (1st Leg) 1st Place- Excellent Standard (2nd Leg)
1st Place- Excellent Jumpers B (1st Leg) 1st Place Excellent Jumpers B (2nd Leg).

So yes-- we are now working on our Master Excellent Jumpers Preferred Title with only 8 more Q's needed. In my wildest dreams I never would have thought we could get this far or that a Preferred Agility Excellent title would be in our reach. Piper is no speed demon on the course. She's consistent and very focused and think she's going to be dangerous as our team skills improve. But I guess all of this should be expected when the dog comes from an incredible breeder! We get to have more fun in Sept/Oct- will keep you posted on her next milestones!

Heidi and Piper (doggy extraordinaire!)"

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