Finn earns his first herding title

Acadia Infinite Spirit, CGC (Finn)

Finn and Kathy earned their first herding title- the ASCA Herding Started Title and he even came in 3rd place for his final leg of the title. Finn is really doing well and earns admirers every time he goes to a new place to herd.

Kathy said their trainer Sandy even called people over to watch Finn herding ducks. Sandy said that Finn is a good example of how a dog should treat the ducks (well we know that he DIDN'T get that trait from his great-grandmother Molly!!! But Grampa Show Low also loves his ducks!)

If Kathy can find a reliable person to take some video of Finn herding, we will post it on the YouTube channel. Congratulations Kathy and Finn

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