12 months old, 1st in a 12 dog class, jumping 12"

The Rincon X Faith litter turns a year old today. I am having so much fun following the successes of this litter. They are all doing so well. Today Linda called to say that she took Xena to a TDAA- Teacup agility trial. Xena has never done a full course and she had 4 runs today. She Qualified in 2 of the 4. This is not an AKC venue (AKC will not allow dogs to compete until they are 15 months old), and one of the courses had to be run "mute'. In other words, the handler can not talk, clap their hands, click, or any other noise- it is ALL body language!!! Xena Qualified! That demonstrates teamwork!

Xena placed first in the 12" standard class. There were 12 dogs in the class (of all ages). This is a huge accomplishment. Linda celebrated with balloons, cake, and 1 happy dog! The next day Xena followed up with more "Q's" (qualifing scores) and a NEW TITLE!!! The picture above is with Linda Hall and judge Courtney Keys.

Finn (pictured right) wanted to have his picture taken with sheep today, but the snow was too deep to even get the sheep out of the barn. Poor Finn- he loves his sheep.

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