Acadia One No Trump, NA,NAJ

Bonnie Frank, Mike's owner and trainer reports: "Acadia One No Trump "Mike" is in training for agility. He has all his AKC Novice titles in both standard and jumpers, and he is currently working in the Open class. Mike has an extremely loving and sensitive nature. He's happy being on the couch with his pack close by or out practicing agility and flying around the back yard courses.

We had a minor set back in our training about a year ago, but Mike and I worked through it. He's back on track now and showing at local trials in central Pennsylvania and Maryland. On the down side, I think I overdid the positive reinformcement for greeting friendly strangers. I now have a professional begger on my hands! He's so cute that everyone in my agility class always has a pat, a treat, and a smile for Mike. He has such heart that he's won over everyone he's met.

Thank you, Cadie, for such a wonderful companion. My husband, Jack, is fond of saying, "I'm so glad we have him!" I just look at Mike and smile. He's special."

The pictures were taken by RoxAnne Franklin, Pix Of The Litter photography, and copyrighted to her. They are NOT for reprint without her permission. I just Loved these pictures of "Mike" and I am thankful to Bonnie for sharing them with me. Mike will get his own webpage when I have my website updated.


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