Great dogs- Great owners and one very happy breeder

I got the following letter from a puppy buyer and it made me SO HAPPY!!!!! Of course I have said before, I have the best puppy BUYERS- but nothing makes me happier than to hear that the dogs add joy to your life. Personally, I think there is no greater friend than a dog- but that is just my opinion. Here is what Heidi Stum had to say about her Acadia Sheltie, Piper.

"She is the first dog I have EVER had that is perfect. She is my first sheltie that likes to play (forever), go for walks and doesn't bark incessantly. She loves people and gets quite upset when people won't acknowledge her. She turns two this year and I have never gotten so much joy or pleasure out of a dog as I have with her. ...................................... Thank you for allowing me to experience one of your phenomenal dogs."

No- I didn't solicite that letter

Thank you Heidi.

And then this email arrived from Karen about a Different Acadia sheltie also named "Piper".

"Every time Taylor is sick – especially these last two times, Piper watches over her as if he is her seeing eye dog. Seriously! He didn’t move from her side the entire time. He would sit ON her if we let him and he was totally aware that she was not well. He was up in the night with us (and this little guy likes his sleep!), he was her constant companion and he was the one thing that would put a smile on her face. Words don’t do the story justice but I am sure you can relate. It was so beautiful to watch. He is such a character and he cracks us up all of the time. He is just loaded with personality but he is also loaded with a real compassion. He is SO loved and he knows it! Thank you for such an amazing little guy!"

Thank you !!!!!

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