MACH 4 Acadia Color of Passion, HSsd & Pam Hetrick

I knew it was close- Friday I post that "is so close to a MACH4 that I am really tempted just to write her name that way already" and Saturday- I CAN. YEAH MOLLY!

Pam Hetrick, Molly's owner, had an even MORE exciting weekend than I originally reported. Pam completed the MACH title on another sheltie that same weekend. MACH Penelanes Little Princess Maya (Maya) is handled by Pam, but owned by Inga Skinner. Pam only gets Maya on agility weekends, and this may be the first MACH who was never owner, trainer, handled. Congratulations Pam- you are obviously a very talented handler.
The pictures are of the dogs, owners, and judges, and then Inga and Maya and Pam and Molly- showing off those Lovely, Big ribbons and traditional "MACH bars"

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