New Novice Agility title- Acadia Aquilegia, NA

Aquilegia- the scientific name for the plant Columbine- Columbine is "a beautiful plant with graceful flowers that are highly attractive to hummingbirds, Columbines are a great addition to any garden. Aquilegia have a lot to offer with being drought-tolerant once established, partially shade tolerant and adaptive to a variety of soil conditions"- from Sooner Plant Farm.

All of that describes "Quill"- a Beautiful dog, who is graceful and highly attractive to humans, he is a great addition to owner Amy's household and he has a lot to offer as he is very adaptable.

This weekend Amy and Quill earned the Novie Agility title (NA) and one leg towards the open agility title. Congratulations and Good luck to both of you.

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